ServiceChannel Customer to Discuss the Benefits of End-to-End Service Automation at Knowledge ‘15

ServiceChannel Customer to Discuss the Benefits of End-to-End Service Automation at Knowledge ‘15

Presentation Focused on Extending Enterprise Service Automation ‘Outside the Four Walls’

ServiceNow Knowledge15LAS VEGAS, April 21, 2015 – ServiceChannel, the leading service automation platform for global facilities managers and external contractors, announced today that one of its leading customers will be presenting the need for modern, highly distributed enterprises to extend service automation outside the company to outside contractors and trade suppliers. This topic will be discussed as part of ServiceChannel’s participation at the ServiceNow Knowledge15 Conference, an end-user event focused on ways cloud services can transform service management across the enterprise.

Presentation specifics:
Session: Facilities Management – Extending Service Automation to Outside Contractors (#22BD06)
Presenter: Mike Gordon, Construction & Facilities Manager, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group
Date & Time: Wednesday, April 22, 2:40 PM – 3:30 PM
Room: Shell Seekers A/B
ServiceChannel Booth #: P13
Hashtag: #SC_Knowledge15

This topic is timely and relevant for the Knowledge15 attendees who are familiar with the benefits of service automation enabled through platforms such as ServiceNow and who need broader facility management across a distributed enterprise. 

“Extending service automation to outside contractors and service specialists can deliver substantial benefits in terms of cost savings, location quality, brand consistency, and improved risk management and compliance,” said Serge Lubensky, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, ServiceChannel. “This is mission-critical for our enterprise customers who operate highly distributed environments because maintaining high service levels has a direct and positive impact on their customers’ experience.”

Highly distributed enterprises such as restaurants and convenience stores or organizations in healthcare, government, and retail deal with many complexities that are inherent to their business models. These include operational issues such as managing technology diversity, systems integration challenges, and lack of visibility. Using ServiceChannel can help these organizations automate key business and service processes such as sourcing of contractors, connecting locations with external service providers, managing invoices and payments for improved performance, compliance, and risk management.

“We know that customers who have not extended service automation to contractors and trade specialists struggle to find, manage, analyze, and pay the hundreds of contractors they do business with,” Lubensky said . “The smartest enterprises today are extending service automation beyond ‘the four walls’ by integrating ServiceChannel with other service automation platforms using common business rules, process hierarchy, and approval workflows.”

Another major benefit of end-to-end service automation for customers is the enhanced visibility and analytics they gain for all work orders irrespective of where they originate. According to Forrester Research, enterprises typically analyze only 12 percent of their data proactively and regularly. Additionally, more than half of simple data requests within an enterprise take more than a week to resolve while more than two thirds of complex data requests require more than a month for resolution. This challenge is especially true when dealing with work orders placed with outside contractors and trade specialists.

“Our goal at ServiceChannel is to help our customers use and analyze their data to make better and more informed decisions, all in a real-time basis,” said Sid Shetty, President of ServiceChannel Consulting Services. “In fact, we believe that one of the primary use cases and benefit for deploying service automation at all is to get more value out of data through enhanced visibility and analytics.”

To speak with representatives from ServiceChannel, please visit the ServiceChannel booth (#P13) or call John Noh at 408-242-3852.

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