PRSM 2014: The Call for Data

PRSM 2014: The Call for Data

Congratulations to Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) for continuing the “Call for Data.”

In the 16 years since it was founded, PRSM continues as a major player in the facilities management industry. ServiceChannel has watched over the years as the trade show has grown, both in size and importance. This year there were over 100 Retail companies in attendance and over 330 Contractor exhibitors! Like PRSM shows in the past, it was a great opportunity to reach out to both Retail clients and Contractors who use our system daily. There were over 280 exhibiting contractors who are with ServiceChannel!

One specific trend that we’ve seen within the PRSM community, and our industry as a whole, is the importance and demand for data utilization in day-to-day decision-making processes. Everyone who comes to PRSM already understands the importance of enterprise wide cost and performance information but need the tools to present, analyze and report that information to effectively transform their whole decision-making process.

PRSM, recognizing this “call for data”, held a very popular breakout session on data, smarter data and how data is important, reinforcing the idea that the industry is ready for it. In their session “Actionable Knowledge: Smart Data. Smarter Decisions.”, Alana Dunoff discussed data, data cleansing and why it’s important.

As technology advances, the facilities management industry is ready to start using data in the day-to-day decision-making process. More than just operational data, it’s also about using Business Intelligence (BI) to create a success story about what your team does everyday to service your customers. The next step in the discussion is how to use the information, what information are being captured right now, and why it’s important to use that information everyday to make decisions.

What also needs to be addressed is specifically what kind of data points should be used, how FMs should be using data and what kinds of KPIs/metrics are important, and how FMs should go back and start working with the data that they capture everyday in whatever system they have.

That’s where ServiceChannel can bring a lot to the table because we are capturing all of this important data now. We make all of this available to our clients today. Our clients can leverage their data and gain access to their information with one click. Every day we’re educating our customers to move away from gut decisions and start making informed, logical decisions based on the information that we are capturing.

Soon ServiceChannel is going to be further expanding on the insights we’re delivering with more correlations between the data in ServiceChannel and data from the world around us. For example, external data sources like weather, geographic information & demographics allow ServiceChannel clients to easily draw conclusions from the data collected.

The conversation about BI in our industry is an important one. We look forward to helping shape this discussion within the PRSM community and the facilities maintenance industry.