Staffing and Outsourcing

Provider Sourcing. Work Order Management. Full Program Optimization. We’ve got you covered.

Transform your facilities operations with our expertise.

When you unlock the power of the #1 Facilities Management Platform, you also gain access to a powerful team of experts to help guide and support you. We’ll help you put your automated, data-driven operations strategy into place, and beyond. Whether you want our experts to source top-performing providers, manage your work order processes, or handle all your operations — our dedicated professionals will be with you every step of the way. 

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We wanted to get from zero to 60 overnight in terms of our 'facilities management evolution.' ServiceChannel helped us by giving us the flexibility to grow the business the way we wanted.
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Outsource all of your facility’s needs, but stay in-the-know.

From sourcing and compliance to dispatching and payments, our experts can manage it all for you with ServiceChannel Managed. It’s easy and seamless because it’s all done on the ServiceChannel Platform, so you have the same complete visibility you’d have if you were doing it yourself. Plus, we’ll do regular reviews and analysis of your volume and performance by location, trade, and providers so you can more accurately plan budgets and increase ROI. 

Take the work out of work order management.

Whether you need help monitoring work orders during regular work hours, emergency hours or both, think of our Call Center and Facility Coordinators as extended members of your team. They’re your central resource to ensure that work orders are logged and dispatched to providers promptly, and they’ll even reassign calls when providers don’t respond. Plus, they do it all on the ServiceChannel Platform, so you’ll easily stay up-to-date on every work order in every location.    

High or low performers? Know precisely how providers stack up.

If you rely on brokers or outsourcers, do you really know how well your providers are performing, and how much it should be costing you? If you want to improve costs and operations performance, you must optimize your provider network. For ServiceChannel customers it’s easy, and it’s free. 

ServiceChannel Scout uses the richest provider performance data anywhere to assess your network and identify low performers. Then we’ll recommend top performers and monitor your providers. We’ll even coach low performers to maintain the highest quality network.