Supplier Diversity Services

SDS Helps You Meet Your Company Meet Its Diverse Supplier Objectives

What Our Contractor Supplier Diversity Services Cover

ServiceChannel’s Supplier Diversity Services (SDS) team helps leading retail and restaurant industry brands identify, verify and monitor their diverse contractor supplier network.


We verify your current contractor supplier base is properly certified. Our initial focus is on commercial contractor suppliers for repair, maintenance, remodel and construction but we can also verify any type of suppliers. If your contractor suppliers qualify and are not certified, we assist them in connecting with the correct certifying agency, and once certified we verify and add them to your diverse supplier network.


If you need to locate more diverse contractor suppliers, SDS can help with your outreach efforts by sourcing them, verifying them and adding them to your diverse supplier network. As an additional service we can also screen them for other business compliance requirements.


Once we verify your network of diverse contractor suppliers we continuously monitor their certifications electronically. We can also monitor other credentials like licenses, certificates of insurance, etc. and alert you and the supplier when these are near their expiration dates so you’re never out of compliance with corporate objectives.

Send Reporting

Diverse Supplier Spend Reporting – this invaluable category reporting for internal and external audiences let’s you easily identify top suppliers and evaluate your diverse spend growth over time.

Typically, only 18% of your contractors
that are self-reported diverse suppliers
are actually certified

  • 18% 18%

How It Helps

Source Diverse Suppliers

Easy to identify contractors that have the certifications to meet the objectives of your Supplier Diversity program

Connect With Suppliers

Can invite them to join your Private Supplier Network

Comprehensive Support

Dedicated project management & integration team that helps manage the setup, testing and move to production

Verify Supplier Diversity

SDS saves you time – we work with national, regional and local supplier diversity councils to ensure all diverse business are verified



Automatically send and/or receive work order management updates for your approved clients


Multi-way integration options with the ServiceChannel platform