Provider Automation

Manage All Your Work From One Easy-to-Use Platform

What Provider Automation Does For You

Managing service requests and work orders from all your clients can be challenging. In today’s competitive environment, you need to respond promptly, deliver quality service, and ensure your invoices are submitted and paid promptly.

ServiceChannel helps service providers and contractors stay on top of all the work dispatched to them through a single platform, Provider Automation. ServiceChannel Provider Automation allows you to manage work orders, proposals, and invoices, as well as offering self-service administrative features. Automate the entire work order lifecycle, from acceptance to billing.

With Provider Automation, you gain access to critical work order details, which are immediately refreshed to reflect any changes. Invoices can be submitted through three automated methods: electronic invoice portal, bulkload invoice, or integrated invoice. We make it all quick and easy for you.

How Provider Automation Helps

Get New Business

Use our Fixxbook commercial contractor directory to promote crucial information about your services, trade expertise, and geographic area

Improve Efficiency

Get immediate online access to service requests with all necessary details

Boost Quality of Service

Engage seamlessly with your customers to deliver the service they expect

Work Faster

Stop trading emails and phone calls with mobile-based check-in and check-out tools to complete jobs faster

Maintain Compliance

Manage services, compliance, and preferences for all customers

Demonstrate Proficiency

Show success to customers and potential customers via a data-driven performance scorecard


Communicate Efficiently

Directly share information electronically in real time and update statuses reliably for all work orders and proposals

Provider Automation Features

Work Order Tracking

Search for work orders entered through the Contractor Dashboard.

Contractor View

View open work orders, proposals, and invoices; recalls; negative reviews; and alerts / notifications from Fixxbook.


RFP / Proposal Management

View Requests for Proposals (or RFPs) from clients and create proposals for clients.

Invoice Submission

Create and issue invoices for services rendered.

Work Order Reporting

Retrieve live and archive reports based on filters and selected criteria.

Location Tracking

View location information for work order generation, and add location attachments.

Reporting & Analytics

Download work order and invoice reports and sort/filter by date or service type to access pertinent data.

Performance Management

Monitor and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) by individual customers or grouped by criteria with your own personalized scorecard.

Asset (Equipment) Tracking

View equipment assets for individual locations.


Compliance Management

View, add, and manage forms, compliance, and invitations from clients.

Site Access

Expedite the check-in process, gain access, and demonstrate and verify technician identity and work order details for location staff via a digitally-generated ‘badge’ (Learn More about Site Access).


Automated Check-In / Out

Verify on-site time with easy-to-use GPS and interactive voice response (IVR) functionality; simply check-in and check-out via mobile device or from any on-site phone (Learn More about GPS Check-In Mobile App).



View up-to-date system statuses for all ServiceChannel products.