Service Automation
Training & Onboarding

Learn How to Maximize the Benefit from Your New Facilities Management Software


What Our FM Software Training and Onboarding Covers

Every ServiceChannel Service Automation deployment includes 25 hours of customer-dedicated training. We believe a properly trained team is the best way to not only maximize the use of our software but the best way to increase the value your facilities program brings to your entire organization.

Training Content

All training sessions include ‘product immersion’ (so informed decisions can be made during configuration) & training for all “hats” who will be using ServiceChannel Service Automation: administrators, FM team, Accounting, and on-site/local users. Training is integrated with our Implementation Services so learning benefits are maximized.A key part of our training program is focused on your contractors, as we’ve found that their participation adds tremendous value to successful deployments. We have a dedicated Contractor training department that will work with your company and all contractors (existing and future) to ensure the overall success of your facilities program.

With a wide array of customers across many verticals, our experienced training team covers the specifics of your particular sector (e.g restaurants, retail, convenience store, healthcare, etc.). This ensures your team learns the best ways to use the software for its operations.

Specific training sessions include:

  • Work Order Management (based on business rules for each type of user, a ‘Day in the Life of a Facilities Manager’)
  • Preventive Maintenance/Scheduled Services
  • Reporting, Business Intelligence, & Analytics
  • Contractor Sourcing and Compliance Management
  • Contractor Training (available for all contractors)

Regardless of your company’s needs, we can develop a tailored program to meet your specific requirements.

How It Helps

Facilities Management Best Practices

Learn how to maximize the performance of your FM program

On-Demand Availability

Access web-based training as needed


Comprehensive Coverage

Cover all topics and all functions (‘Day in the Life,’ standard reporting, administrative use, system functionality, etc.)

Contractor Onboarding

Train contractors on system use via online sessions and tutorials

“The implementation was very efficient. Our stores are absolutely thrilled with the system. We like that ServiceChannel technology is simple, organized, multi-functional, and comes with great support.”

Alan Donohoe, Senior Manager of the Preservation Department, Louis Vuitton