Contractor Onboarding Services

Get Your Contractors Online and up to Speed Quickly

What Our Contractor Onboarding Services Cover

Train (“onboard”) contractors to enter their key information
and regularly use your ServiceChannel system

Contractor Enablement & Training

ServiceChannel’s Contractor Onboarding Team enables your contractors to communicate and transact electronically with you on the Service Automation platform. Many of your contractors may be ready today, as over 50,000 contractors have already been onboarded on the platform, with more added every day. This training for your external contractors on how to start using the ServiceChannel solution is crucial, as it ensures you will get the most value from it by automating contractor sourcing, work order management and invoice/payment processes.

ServiceChannel is focused on contractor training because we believe that in order to have a truly successful facilities program, contractors must be fully involved in the process. ServiceChannel provides training via web-based instruction (webinars) as needed for your contractors so you can maximize the value from your ServiceChannel deployment.

We can train contractors to engage in all aspects of your facilities program, including registering and uploading their company information (insurance, W9 information, etc.), checking in/out using our mobile GPS Check-In/Out app (IVR telephone check-in/out system is also available), submitting electronic proposals and invoices, and adhering to all specific procedures you implement on the platform.

Manage Performance of Onboarded Contractors

One of the benefits of having all your contractors trained and ‘on board’ with Service Automation is that you can view individual contractor performance against SLAs as well as qualitative feedback from locations on contractor performance. With ServiceChannel generated scorecards (Contractor Scorecard), you can monitor all your contractors against your KPIs and enforce SLA compliance.

Contractors can monitor their own performance against standards with their own scorecards (My Scorecard). Furthermore, negative feedback beyond a set threshold results in automatic escalation procedures according to your established business rules.

How It Helps

Contractor Integration

Include your contractors in your automated workflow

Centralized Contractor Data

Eliminate paper-based inefficiency through contractors’ uploading key data

Complete Workflow Support

Automate your entire source to settle process

Electronic Transactions

Send and receive invoices, proposals and payments electronically

Save Time

Reduce your own time supporting contractors with ServiceChannel
on-demand training available