Service Automation Professional

More Tools, More Power for Your Facilities Management Program


Service Automation Professional is ServiceChannel’s advanced, all-in-one, source-to-settle facilities management solution. Service Automation Professional is ideal for larger multi-site enterprises that have complex facilities management needs.

Like our Service Automation Essentials package, Service Automation Professional enables facilities managers to manage repair & maintenance for all locations from a single dashboard. Not only does Service Automation Professional deliver greater visibility and transparency into all aspects of your facilities management, it also includes advanced tools to audit, manage, verify, and analyze services and providers.

Service Automation Professional includes:

Our upgraded package is ideal for larger enterprises with more complex needs.


The core software tools found in Service Automation Essentials


Additional facilities management capabilities that automate the entire service request process and provide advanced analytics


Optional add-on features for supplies, taxes, payment, and analytics

Realize savings of 18% to 22% on repair & maintenance

Service Automation Professional empowers facilities managers to improve the quality of service from internal and external repair & maintenance providers. Apply consistent standards, procedures, and analytics to your third-party contractors and your internal technicians. Service Automation Professional makes it easy to manage and communicate with all parties that come into contact with your facilities program, whether across the country or across the globe.

Service Automation Professional

ServiceChannel’s advanced facilities management software package

Service Automation Professional includes all of the capabilities of Service Automation Essentials, plus advanced features:

How Service Automation Professional Works

How Service Automation Works

Service Automation Professional: Manage the entire service request lifecycle with one facilities management solution

Service Automation Professional enables large sophisticated organizations to manage the entire service request lifecycle from both third-party service providers and their internal staff. Service Automation Professional provides powerful analytics and machine learning–based recommendations, all on a secure and scalable cloud-based platform.