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Facilities Management Software for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions encompass a diverse range of facilities: early education centers, public and private schools, colleges, learning centers, and continuing education facilities. ServiceChannel’s school maintenance software makes facilities management for educational institutions efficient and cost-effective for all sites within an organization.

Public and private sector educational institutions can have facilities concentrated within a campus, spread throughout a state, or stretching across the country. Users can span generations. The facilities themselves can include such disparate spaces as classrooms, playgrounds, athletic facilities, cafeterias, performing art centers and museums, high-tech labs, and health centers.

Municipal facility managers face the added burden of having to comply with stringent regulatory, compliance, and budgetary mandates. Facility managers for public education institutions are almost always on a tight budget—truly needing to “do more with less”—so reducing repair and maintenance expenses while sustaining a clean, safe, and comfortable environment is paramount.

ServiceChannel’s school facilities management software brings flexibility, transparency, and compliance to automated facilities maintenance across educational sites.

The Benefits of School Facilities Management Software


ServiceChannel’s school maintenance software ensures that every site is consistently maintained and promptly repaired. We know there are no holidays and vacations when it comes to facilities management for educational institutions.


Our easy-to-use work order management software, asset management functionality and contractor directory are just some of the ways that ServiceChannel’s school facilities management software automates processes to save time and money.


Our compliance management module alleviates the stress of making sure service vendors are insured and certified and meet regulatory requirements.


Our school maintenance software is a huge benefit for maximizing site utility by scheduling maintenance work during times when facilities are not in use. Keeping school facilities well maintained is also key to minimizing costly emergency repairs and avoiding expensive shipping for parts.

Unique School Maintenance Software from ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel offers a comprehensive suite of school maintenance software solutions.


Contractor management with low-cost capture, credentialing and monitoring of critical contractor data.

5Contractor Directory

5Compliance Manager


Service Automation that manages work orders, proposals, compliance risks and invoices across all trades, categories and locations. Validates all repair and maintenance work performed.


Real-time reporting, analytics, and business intelligence to control spend and increase quality of service. Standard and custom dashboards provide data and KPIs across transactions, locations, trades, and contractors.


Financial Management that dramatically reduces remittance costs, creates more efficient payment cycles, and produces greater discount capture.

5Invoice Manager

5Payment Manager