How Connected Devices and IoT Technology Impact Customer Experience


How Connected Devices and IoT Technology Impact Customer Experience

How Connected Devices and IoT Technology Impact Customer Experience

On Demand Webinar

Join this webinar featuring IoT experts where you’ll learn how IoT technology is being deployed and improving operational efficiency of assets through real life examples. Importantly, through illustrative use cases, we’ll share how customer experience, across industries, is being impacted by this new technology.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • What are the Connected Devices that Impact your IoT Technology
  • IoT’s Impact on Multiple Industries
  • How IoT Can Lead to Better Customer Experience
  • Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Performance with IoT
How The Habit Burger Drives Operational Savings Through Facilities Best Practices

How The Habit Burger Drives Operational Savings Through Facilities Best Practices

Wednesday, December 12 at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST

Organizations typically face a number of operational challenges in maintaining their locations and meeting business objectives. Successful companies have shown how to overcome them by moving to a more service-focused, technology-based approach.

During this webinar, The Habit Burger, a ‘fast casual’ restaurant chain will share the best practices it’s implemented to control operational costs while improving operational performance. You’ll learn the tools it used to keep down expenses and deliver superior customer service, resulting in a big financial impact!

See how The Habit Burger:

  • Overcame Facilities Challenges
  • Deployed Service Automation Technology
  • Benefited from Operational Best Practices

The Art of Business Communication in Your Facilities Management Operations

Featuring Author & Communication Expert, Mark Jeffries

Facilities professionals are an integral part of any brand’s profitability and success. Now, more than ever, they need to influence and fight for more budget to meet increasing demands, get ‘buy in’ to deploy facilities technology, collaborate with other corporate functions, and lastly…Ensure a strong, positive customer experience.

But it all starts with effective communication!

Join featured author and communication expert, Mark Jeffries, as he presents an instantly useable toolbox of innovative communication and influence tools designed to accelerate your business success.

Mark will share how to:

  • Influence people around you
  • Elevate behaviors on your team
  • Build new interest in your projects
  • Enhance the way you are perceived in business
  • Ensure a strong, positive customer experience
Benihana's Recipe for FM Success

Achieving Operational Excellence with Transparent, Data-Driven Facilities Management

Facilities management has risen to the top of the operational hierarchy, driving new levels of efficiency, visibility, and compliance across multi-location organizations.

Presenters will share how best-of-breed organizations:

  • Leverage real-time data insight, automated processes, and best practices to drive down work order costs 9x.
  • Improve total facilities maintenance performance 3.25x.
  • Drive a better customer experience.

Additionally, attendees will gain tips and insights on how the best-in-class organizations are strategically implementing facilities management technology today and learn of the performance boosts they receive.


Benihana's Recipe for FM Success

Elevating Facilities Management Within Your Organization

During this webinar, CVS Health, the largest pharmacy healthcare provider in the US, will share the importance of adopting facilities management technology and its impact across the company.

Presenters will share:

  • FM Challenges: Extending Beyond the ‘FM Silo’
  • Importance of Elevating Facilities Management Within Your Organization
  • How Adopting Service Automation Brings Tremendous Value for FMs
  • How to Engage Your Organization


Benihana's Recipe for FM Success

Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management Systems to Drive Asset Management Efficiency

During this webinar, the presenters will share:

  • What makes retail brand Sit ‘n Sleep’s energy, asset and maintenance program so efficient.
  • How to drive performance, cut costs and improve customer experience by linking Energy & Asset Management with Service Automation.
  • The best uses cases that leverage IoT technologies to manage your assets and facilities.


Benihana's Recipe for FM Success

Benihana’s Recipe for FM Success: Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Brand Restaurant Chain

The Benihana restaurant company is known for its innovative hibachi, sushi and fusion restaurant chains. With more than 100 restaurants globally, the organization is equally innovative when it comes to achieving consistency throughout its portfolio using software that optimizes service automation, analytics & reporting and contractor management.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Best practices for contractor management
  • Ways to automate your system
  • Best practices for managing multi-brands across regions
  • How to achieve consistency throughout a portfolio


Contractor Management Made Easy

Learn best practices, tips, and tricks from CURO Financial Technologies Corp, a leading short-term consumer lending company with operations in the United States, Canada, and England. Learn the secrets to how it manages the third parties who perform repair and maintenance across hundreds of locations.

Topics covered:

  • Contractor management challenges
  • Why contractor management is so important
  • Best practices and actionable tips to efficiently manage your service providers
  • Top KPIs that are most important to track




The Future of Service Automation & FM Technologies | Tom Buiocchi – CEO of ServiceChannel

CEO & FM industry–leader Tom Buiocchi of ServiceChannel discusses workplace trends, business process automation, and how technology will affect the future of the facilities management environment. Mike Petrusky, from Kayrell Connections, asks Tom about collaboration, the internet of things, and how facility managers can present the business case for new FM technologies to the C-suite. We learn a little bit about Tom personally and get valuable insights from his career in leading innovative companies.



How to Evaluate a Facilities Management Platform

Leading retailers, restaurant, and convenience store chains are increasingly realizing significant and tangible hard-dollar benefits from deploying a modern facilities management system. Today, facilities managers are able to simplify and automate complex and time-consuming processes involved with managing a maintenance program. Learn from leading retail and convenience store chains AutoNation and RaceTrac as they share their experiences and tips with purchasing and implementing a facilities management system.



Distributing Analytics to Drive Innovation & Grow Revenue


  • Untapped value in retail and hospitality data
  • How to discover the value of data to YOUR audience
  • How ServiceChannel uncovered their opportunity
  • Real world results that affect their customers and business