Industrial Expertise

Facility Management Software for Industrial Operations

Facilities management of multi-site industrial spaces is complex and challenging. With specialized equipment, regulatory standards, and often vast square footage to maintain, the demands on location managers and the facilities management team can be all-consuming. Many industrial locations often operate extended hours, if not around the clock. ServiceChannel’s industrial maintenance software ensures crucial high performance and safety adherence.

Our industrial plant maintenance software delivers cost-efficient management solutions by enabling work requests, planned maintenance, site audits, asset management, supplier and contractor diversity and other regulated and non-regulated activities.

The Benefits of Plant Maintenance Software


ServiceChannel’s plant maintenance software spans the ranges of industrial applications – from manufacturing to construction, from engineering to technology.


Plant maintenance software makes sure industrial facilities are in optimal condition.


ServiceChannel’s automated industrial management solutions facilitate the repair and maintenance of equipment, lighting, painting, flooring, parking areas and landscapes.


Industrial plant maintenance software keeps operations running, reduces the cost of lost productivity, and minimizes the expense of emergency repairs and parts shipping.


Our plant maintenance software lets you schedule repair and maintenance work when its convenient for your operations – whether before or after hours, during quiet periods, or on off days.


It also provides safety assurance for your most important asset: your employees.

Unique Industrial Management Solutions from ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel offers a comprehensive suite of industrial management solutions.


Contractor management with low-cost capture, credentialing and monitoring of critical contractor data.

5Contractor Directory

5Compliance Manager


Service Automation that manages work orders, proposals, compliance risks and invoices across all trades, categories and locations. Validates all repair and maintenance work performed.


Real-time reporting, analytics, and business intelligence to control spend and increase quality of service. Standard and custom dashboards provide data and KPIs across transactions, locations, trades, and contractors.


Financial Management that dramatically reduces remittance costs, creates more efficient payment cycles, and produces greater discount capture.

5Invoice Manager

5Payment Manager