Supportive & Community-Based Housing Expertise


If you’re responsible for maintaining supportive and community-based housing, having visibility into repair and maintenance costs and contractor performance is critical.



The challenges of maintaining Supportive and Community-Based Housing

Facilities managers of supportive housing programs are typically understaffed and overburdened. They’re responsible for maintaining multiple locations with limited resources – and facing ever tightening government budgets. And because there is often no location manager on site, these organizations’ back office services spend a great deal time of time chasing contractors, tracking down expenses, vetting approvals, monitoring expenses and making sure work gets done.


How ServiceChannel helps those managing Supportive Housing

Organizations and individuals tasked with maintaining supportive and community-based housing programs can use the ServiceChannel platform to proactively manage every aspect of any facility, including monitoring the performance and costs of external repair and maintenance contractors. Information on every asset, unit, facility and project, including maintenance, repairs, warranties and improvements, is at your fingertips. When you need service, our platform can connect you to qualified contractors who’ve been vetted for both high quality and fair cost.

ServiceChannel for Supportive and Community-based Housing helps YOU


Manage work orders, proposals, preventative maintenance and workflow


Leverage your data to optimize facility operations


Analyze objective performance of your contractors


Manage, approve and pay invoices electronically


View scorecards and key information on vetted contractors & vendors


Save money in the face of constant government funding constraints

“From finding and qualifying contractors to managing labor and supplies all the way through final payment, ServiceChannel is a complete solution: part CMMS and part e-procurement.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager