We know that you must have a lot of questions about ServiceChannel, here’s some benefits

ServiceChannel can benefit multiple departments within your organization:


ServiceChannel solutions enables commercial contractors at any level of technical sophistication to use our tools and technologies to offer their customers a better experience which helps them get more business, get paid faster and lowers their costs.

Enhanced workflow – online proposal and work order submission provides information to clients in an actionable standard format

Reduces costs of doing business – fewer unnecessary and cancelled service calls, less time spent on the phone and more time spent focusing on customers

More revenue opportunities – Contractors using ServiceChannel automatically get a Fixxbook profile which makes them eligible to receive invitations from other facilities clients looking to hire new contractors.

Fixxbook is ServiceChannel’s free commercial contractor directory.

Having a Fixxbook profile enables your company to not only seamlessly provide your clients the business information they require but it also enables you to showcase your trade expertise, geographic service area, company background and other important business information to the facilities industry.

Once a contractor has completed his Fixxbook profile, he’ll be eligible to receive invitations to join other private vendor networks as well as take advantage of opportunities to work with companies looking for contractors and subcontractors.

Contractors trained on ServiceChannel automatically receive a “Connected Contractor” badge displayed in your Fixxbook profile along with a summary of your ServiceChannel experience. This helps other ServiceChannel clients to identify you for more work.


Accounts Receivable

Contractor accounts receivable (AR) departments find a lot to like about ServiceChannel.  According to Paystream Advisor, and Aberdeen Group, the typical paper invoice costs $10.54.  e-invoicings drops costs by 50% – a savings of $5.27 per invoice.  ServiceChannel not only provides AR departments with ability to electronically invoice, it does so in an intelligent way–validating the invoice to allow AR to fix any missing information up-front, rather than forcing them to wait and hope it is not rejected down the line.

Because ServiceChannel clients have sophisticated invoice workflow and matching capabilities in their Accounts Payable departments, contractors on our platform find ServiceChannel invoices are approved faster and are subject to fewer disputes and collections issues.  AR departments also love that many of clients choose to provide invoice and payment status, along with remittance data, eliminating never ending games of phone-tag asking for payment status.


CFOs of our contractor clients love the automated work order to cash cycle that ServiceChannel provides.  Their team can ensure that contractual rates are in Fixxbook and then follow the entire order to cash process in one tool, ensuring the right rates are charged, invoices are correct and often remittance and even payment are electronic. The end result is that cash is applied properly and quickly.

Contractors who use ServiceChannel routinely report getting paid faster and more accurately on their business that comes through the platform.  Better working capital through lower DSO makes for happy CFOs.