Case Study: Global Retailer

Global Retailer Sees Increased Visibility, New Service Model, and Reduced Spend


A leading global retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women and children. Products sold across 3,000+ high-quality storefronts via multiple brands.


With thousands of well-known, highly trafficked stores, maintaining a quality brand image was crucial. However, there were neither systems nor processes in place to ensure a consistent shopper experience and to manage facilities cost effectively:

  • Scheduled maintenance was not occurring but was being invoiced to retailer
  • No access to actionable data to manage trends or identify outlier stores and contractors
  • Flawed process from work order to invoice prevented budget management
  • Stores placed calls to contractors not under contract and without proper credentials
  • No visibility into existing work orders resulting in duplicate service requests
  • Minimal contractor management: no SLAs in place, quality control or established rate cards
  • Poor contractor payment process

Not surprisingly, the facilities department was running over budget and was viewed negatively from the corporate level to the stores.


The retailer’s facilities department needed to:

  • Increase service order visibility
  • Enhance interactions with the stores
  • Improve contractor sourcing
  • Allow store management to focus on selling

Specifically, they wanted store managers to be able to effortlessly place work orders online and view their status anytime. As to sourcing, the facilities group desired to own the sourcing process so they could select their own service providers who had been properly vetted.


The retailer deployed ServiceChannel’s SaaS-based solution and contractor directory to upgrade their facility management processes and get associated costs under control:

  • Service Automation enabled them to validate work performed and manage work orders, preventive maintenance and assets for all trades and locations, in real time
  • Fixxbook enabled them to find and qualify contractors for all trades across North America

"The data from ServiceChannel gave us both qualitative and quantitative information that lets us work more strategically with our contractors, which is a win-win for everyone.”

Facilities Sourcing Manager Global Retailer


The retailer realized important benefits through its ServiceChannel deployment. Visibility was significantly improved across the entire service request contractor chain resulting in improved efficiencies, cost savings, and greater resource utilization. Through integrating with the retailer’s Oracle ERP system, the financial back office process was streamlined. Now work orders could flow directly from ServiceChannel to contractors’ back-office systems, providing complete transparency in every step. Only exceptions to SLAs needed to be addressed.


With greater visibility into facilities spend, the facilities group has taken a more strategic approach to its operation. Total maintenance spend was reduced by twice the original goal with no negative impact on store operations along with other quantifiable results:

  • Reduced total maintenance spend by approximately 30%
  • Improved IVR compliance by 46%
  • Improved recall of work orders by 63%
  • Reduced call center headcount by 73%

With greater visibility and business intelligence into spend now, the retailer can not only negotiate better service rates but the facilities team is providing stores with improved service and greater access to critical operating information. KPIs are now tracking service levels and ServiceChannel-generated scorecards measure and track true vendor performance in real time.