Want to Revolutionize Your Facilities Inspections? There’s an App for That!

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem.  This is the first in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

We are in the midst of a smartphone-enabled, technological revolution that is disrupting virtually every industry, and that includes facilities management. The tools are already in our hands and deployed across all locations at virtually no upfront cost, thanks to unprecedented consumer adoption. This invaluable resource is available to all facility managers, and is just an app away from accessibility.

Archaio mobile facilities inspection app

For an historical analog, recall Henry Ford’s assembly line; today, it seems like a simple concept, but, in 1913, it took vision to foresee the future, and guts to alter the long-established routines of employees. This was a concept that ultimately upended not just the automotive industry, but all industrial production, and it isn’t so different from what we propose today.

Ford augmented his employees with a new technology – the assembly line, and he created a process that allowed them to make the most of it. Today, your employees are already augmented with smartphones and tablets, and the process to make the most of it is software.

Archaio, a ServiceChannel Solution Partner, is a mobile-first approach to facilities inspection, maintenance, and management. As smartphones and tablets have evolved, so has our software to take advantage of their myriad capabilities.

Multimedia, location data, touch screen UX, and cloud-storage are the cornerstones that our software shares with modern, mobile devices. We didn’t just design our software for the smartphone; we tailored Archaio to the way that humans work, which is now symbiotically linked to this device.

Integrated Mobile Facilities Inspection-to-Issue Resolution Solution

When your inspector’s mobile device is equipped with the ServiceChannel integrated Archaio mobile inspection app, a number of powerful things happen:

  • Eliminate Pens & Paper: Inspectors will share their findings in real-time with owners, supervisors, and managers. Data no longer has to be re-transcribed into a computer, eliminating an obsolete and time-consuming task, and all stakeholders gain full visibility into the status of all facilities, employees, and assets from anywhere, at any time.
  • Reduce Site Visits: By sharing photos, videos, and location data simply, via the app, owners, supervisors, managers, and service providers have all of the information that they need without visiting the site. When maintenance technicians see what your inspectors see, they can arrive with the right parts and equipment to achieve first-visit resolution, eliminating costly and time consuming follow up visits.
  • Collect Valuable Data: Employees can collect and instantly share more expansive and accurate information in less time by using a smartphone or tablet’s capabilities. This data adds a new layer of value on top of routine activities, and allows for new insights and optimizations that are overlooked in a disconnected, analog system. For example, they can identify the assets that require service most frequently across all facilities, and find that replacing them is more cost-effective than ongoing maintenance.
  • Automatic Maintenance: Archaio’s integration with ServiceChannel’s Service Automation platform enables automated, end-to-end service from issue discovery to issue resolution. When site-level employees report that an asset requires service from the Archaio mobile app, a work order is instantly created in the ServiceChannel platform, including notes, photos, video, measurements, and the issue’s location on a floor plan. The work order is sent to the appropriate responder for the fastest possible service. All communications are instant, complete, and seamless.

The most powerful innovations are often innocuous. The assembly line was not a device; it was a new way of leveraging resources for maximum efficiency. Similarly, the future of facilities management is not an invention, but a recognition of the resources available to us, and the wisdom to activate them.

With the right software, you can unlock the potential of your existing resources with an instant transition, negligible learning curve, and tangible ROI. If you’ll embrace it, the smartphone can be to facilities management what the assembly line was to production.

If you’re interested in experiencing first-hand how the Archaio mobile facilities inspection app works effortlessly with your Service Automation platform, reach out to your ServiceChannel representative.

Luke Watson is CMO at Archaio.  Archaio provides a powerful tool for performing facility inspections, reporting maintenance issues, managing workflow, and collecting robust analytics. Its mobile app reports issues with detailed notes, photos, video and GPS location on the facility’s floor plan, and its web-based dashboard gives management full visibility and control of operations, instant notifications, enhanced accountability, and reduced liability with user, date, and time stamped activity logs.  Archaio is a ServiceChannel Solution Partner. Please contact Luke or the ServiceChannel to learn more about our joint solution.