2018’s Most Read Facilities Management Blog Posts

As we like to do before we get too deep into the new year, we wanted to share what the most popular posts were in 2018. Anyone responsible for maintaining stores, restaurants or any type of physical locations (or even those whose functions are tied to the conditions of these locations) are typically stretched in a myriad of directions and don't have much free time. Given those constraints, Read More

No Holiday Vacation – We’re Still in Session at ServiceChannel University

While many folks are preparing for the holidays by either handling the end-of-year rush or preparing for the new year, here in ServiceChannel’s Learning & Development group, we’ve been heads down, working on the next iteration of ServiceChannel University. For those new to the ServiceChannel community or unfamiliar with what’s available on this front, ServiceChannel University is our Read More

When the Weather Outside is Frightful: How Facilities Managers Should Handle Winter Storms

Winter weather can be harsh and unforgiving. Regardless of industry or type of physical location, the storms that form as temperatures drop are going to impact your operations. Staying on top of everything that the storms bring with them is a challenge that all FMs face. Whether you find yourself at the center of a nor'easter or you are dealing with the residual effects, the right amount of Read More

How Exactly Can You Achieve ‘Customer Success?’

Software is certainly key to what ServiceChannel does.  But as the head of our service & support organization, Mike Rivisto, recently stressed in his post highlighting the range of services we provide, it’s the people behind (and besides, and in front of!) that software who are the human element delivering higher value for our customers. As part of Mike’s team, I lead the Customer Success Read More

Billion Dollar Investments to Establish Better Customer Experience Management

This is the third in a series of posts by Vernon Turner, globally recognized as one of the Top 50 IoT experts, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies across business processes. At one time, looking for innovation and mergers & acquisitions in the field services management industry, and in particular facilities management, was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not any more! Read More

How The Habit Burger Drives Operational Savings Through Facilities Best Practices

Hungry? For some fries?  How about some facilities management best practices?  We have just the meal for you! Most organizations typically face a number of operational challenges in maintaining their locations as well as meeting business objectives. But successful companies and their facilities teams know how to overcome them by moving to a more service-focused, technology-based Read More

4 Common FM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Working in the thick of the facilities management action for many years, we’ve seen plenty of departments that could use improvement. This is unfortunate but understandable; FM is a constantly-changing industry, making it challenging for organizations to keep up. Plus, it’s clear that some companies don’t realize just how much impact facilities management can have, so they don’t hire a Read More

The Recipe for the Retail Renaissance is to Include Entertainment & Dining

The popular story goes that most of the mixed cocktails we know about today, such as The Old-Fashioned, were born in the Prohibition Era because the bathtub gin and rotgut whiskey that the speakeasies had to serve were too unpalatable. Whether this is historic fact or urban legend, it is still a good illustration of the popular phrase “necessity is the mother of invention.” According to 2019 Read More

Stay Up-to-Date: Recommended Facilities Management Resources

One point we make a lot is that the facilities sector is one in constant flux.  With new trends, regulations and emerging technology, there’s constant change faced by any FM professional.  That puts it on everyone to stay abreast of what’s happening and keep current with everything that’s occurring. But finding the right information to keep educated can be a challenge.  One resource that has Read More

Key Metrics to Include in Contractor Performance Reviews

In the facilities management equation, there are two vital components: one is, or course, facilities managers. The other is contractors and service providers, without whom, facilities upkeep and asset repair and maintenance could not happen. Facilities managers rely on contractors to fulfill their service needs, which makes it incredibly important that contractors are performing the best work Read More

Best LinkedIn Groups for Facilities Management Professionals

Facilities management no longer needs to be a siloed profession.  FMs and other professionals responsible for managing multiple locations are increasingly in the spotlight, and need to coordinate with the rest of their organizations to deliver a positive customer experience. Working with their peers is often the only way to ensure a clean, safe and fully-operating environment in their store, Read More

13 Tips for Overcoming Facilities Management Post-Implementation Challenges

Whether facilities teams are responsible for managing ten locations or thousands, they sometimes can face issues with getting their entire organization onboard and fully engaged with their new service automation software platform. Like any new technology, to take full advantage of all the benefits available can require some amount of process and/or behavior change.  Even if existing processes Read More

Spotlight on Customer Facilities Management Innovation

Another heavily read section from our popular ebook, Facilities Management Survival Guide, focused on a number of particular innovations we’ve seen implemented at some of our clients. Often, situations arise that present challenges not easily addressed through existing methods and processes. However, sometimes by looking at problems from a different perspective - and with the right technology Read More

Intelligently Connecting IoT Devices with Cloud Computing for Facilities Management

This is the second in a series of posts by Vernon Turner, globally recognized as one of the Top 50 IoT experts, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies across business processes. In an earlier blog post, I highlighted the importance of having a well thought out management platform for those engaged in facilities management. For example, assets such as HVAC systems can identify failures Read More

5 Strategies for Attracting Millennial Talent to Facilities Management

According to Pew Research Center, millennials are now the largest generation in the labor force with 35% of participants. That means that, as of 2017, 56 million millennials were working or looking for work. In the facilities management industry, attracting young talent is especially crucial. Companies are starting to face the Baby Boom retirement wave, during which 50% of FM professionals will Read More

Get Up Close & Personal with the Latest Facilities Technology: The Top Three Industry Events to Attend this October

Searching for the top facilities management events to attend this October? We’ve found the top three conferences on both the East and West coasts as well as Canada, that will help you stay connected with the latest advances in facilities management. Following our highly successful TRANSFORM Annual User Conference last week (check out our recaps of Day One and Day Two), our team has recharged Read More

Setting the Record Straight: 3 Facilities Management BIM Myths

Building information modeling (BIM) should be high on facilities managers’ agendas, but data shows that not enough facilities managers are leveraging it to its fullest capabilities. Why? Most likely because of uncertainty around how they can benefit and what implementing it requires. The U.S. National Building Information Model Standard Project Committee defines BIM as “a digital representation Read More

Facilities Management Just Can’t Cool Down: Highlights From Day Two at ServiceChannel TRANSFORM

If you wanted to be in the heat of the ‘facilities’ action, Scottsdale’s been the place to be this week.  With temps cooling down to a double-digit 99(!), the ServiceChannel community did its best to keep things hot and its engagement high. After an exhaustive first day of the ServiceChannel TRANSFORM User Conference (check out the day one conference recap here), everyone recovered from the Read More

Where Are the Hottest Facilities Managers Today?  Highlights From Day One at ServiceChannel TRANSFORM

If you want to find the hottest FMs, there’s one place to be - the Valley of the Sun, or specifically Scottsdale, AZ.  With temps hovering close to triple digits, the real heat in the facilities sector’s been found at the ServiceChannel TRANSFORM User Conference. This annual event has brought facilities and other operating professionals from many of the leading retail, restaurant, financial Read More

How Multi-Site Retailers Are Using BMS & IoT to Improve Efficiency and Comfort

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem. This is the next in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise. A comfortable store environment is critical for maintaining sales in an Read More