Nike Presents ServiceChannel with 2012 Vendor Excellence Award

Nike Presents ServiceChannel with 2012 Vendor Excellence Award

ServiceChannel, the market leader in facilities management/contractor collaboration, has received its second Vendor Excellence Award from Nike at their 3rd annual Vendor Conference hosted by the Nike Retail Facilities Team.

Nike 2012 Vendor Excellence Award Nike 2012 Vendor Excellence Award

“Foundation, Foundation, Foundation!!! ServiceChannel has provided Nike the ability to effectively communicate and interact with our business partners both internal and external.” says Brian Peoples, Store Operations, Nike North America Retail, “They are available and open to constructive feedback and will act upon it quickly and decisively. ServiceChannel helps Nike Facilities become a better team.”

ServiceChannel provides facilities professionals who are managing multiple locations with a collaborative cloud technology platform where they can source, credential, procure, manage and pay service contractors.

“We’re honored to receive this award from one of the world’s leading consumer brands.” said ServiceChannel founder and CEO, Steven Gottfried, “Our industry is continuously evolving and we’re excited to be working together with Nike on innovations for the future.”

Nike invites key vendors to its Vendor Conference to discuss changes, expectations, and to submerge them into the Nike culture. The goal is to build relationships, emphasize a partnership between Nike and the vendors, and encourage an open environment where vendors are welcome to provide input or suggestions to improve processes or identify cost saving opportunities. A select few vendors are presented with the Vendor Excellence Award.

With a history in contractor management software, ServiceChannel’s founders saw a need in 1999 to provide retail facilities managers with increased and immediate visibility to facilities service data. ServiceChannel evolved their products to the cloud, initially offering retail and restaurant chains online access to a comprehensive database of service information and performance metrics. ServiceChannel was awarded their first Vendor Excellence Award from Nike in 2010. The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) named ServiceChannel as Vendor of the Year in 2011.

About ServiceChannel

ServiceChannel provides facility managers with a single platform to source, procure, manage and pay for facility maintenance services from their own network of contractors. By providing a real time, web-based view of service data across all trades, locations and contractors, facility managers drive significant ROI for their organizations without relinquishing control to outsourcers or investing in new infrastructure. More than 30,000 contractors use ServiceChannel every day at over 80,000 locations in over 24 countries.

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