NEC Attributes its Success to Being Responsive and Available 24/7

With National Electric Corporation (NEC) there is no gray area. Either the lighting works or it doesn’t. As the premier national vendor of retail electrical and sign maintenance, NEC makes sure its customers’ signs and all store lighting are in optimum performance condition. This woman-owned business headquartered in Norwood, MA boasts a database of more than 4,000 highly qualified licensed subcontractors and counts some of the largest retail stores and chains across the U.S. and Canada as its clients.

It’s up to Madeline Buck, Operations Manager, to make sure NEC’s customers are fully satisfied with job performance and that all jobs are completed in a timely manner. But sometimes miscommunication on jobs can thwart Madeline’s efforts as can waiting for invoices or quotes to be submitted or not getting limits on calls.

Madeline likes ServiceChannel technology because it “allows us to communicate and check statuses for work orders with our customers. It is very user-friendly. We wish all of our customers used it.” In fact, some of NEC’s biggest customers require NEC to follow up and update them on calls with notes via ServiceChannel, as well as submit quotes and invoices through the ServiceChannel platform.

Madeline believes that the best way to work with customers is to “make sure we contact them regarding any updates on jobs and that they are satisfied with the job we do. ServiceChannel makes it simple because customers can access any update notes we submit.” To ensure all of its contractors are fully versed in ServiceChannel’s systems, NEC uses ServiceChannel contractor training. As Madeline days, “It is a huge help with the training process.”

Keeping up with demands from some of the most recognized retailers across North America can be draining (part of NEC’s success is being responsive and available 24/7).  So when she’s away from work, Madeline likes to get her body moving. Whether it’s swimming, biking or working out – she enjoys it all.