Legacy Electric Rapidly Grows to Offer Services Nationwide

Shawn Lackey beams with pride when he talks about his rapidly growing company, Legacy Electric.  Shawn, a multi-state master electrician, launched Legacy Electric in 2008 and since then has grown the company to offer facility and restaurant lighting, power and sign repairs in nine states.

Shawn doesn’t think of his role as only the president of the company, but, as he says “the fearless leader unafraid of wearing several different hats. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my company successful and my customers happy. We want lifelong customers, so it’s not about making a large one-time profit.  It’s about being fair and the company profiting over a long-term relationship. When we finish our job, we want to see you again the next time you need an electrician. This culture has given us a strong reputation.  We have been adding clientele with ease because of the testimonial and referral base we obtain.”

For Shawn, the day-to-day presents challenges, but it’s nowhere near as hard as launching a company.  “The hardest part of achieving success is getting started.  It’s also the most humbling and challenging part.  It molds you into who you are and who you were meant to be.“

Shawn welcomes the opportunity to discuss how Legacy’s services can save clients time and money. And ServiceChannel is part of the reason Legacy Electric is so efficient. He says, “We use ServiceChannel through a couple of different companies for providing lighting and electrical work. ServiceChannel has been very good to us.  Its ease of use and correspondence with software is always a plus.  It has been very seamless to work with.  We have never had any problems.”

It’s not just fast business growth that “drives” Shawn. “My hobby is fast cars.  I love watching fast cars, I love building fast cars, and I love racing fast cars.  Some would say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. However, I also like to slow it down and spend time with my family. We all enjoy being outdoors.  Our new home we call Texas has been providing us with plenty of adventure.”